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D1, D01, D.I, D.1 or D-1 can refer to:

Science and technology[edit]

Biochemistry and medicine[edit]


  • Nikon D1, a digital single-lens reflex camera
  • D1, former brand of T-Mobile in Germany
  • D1, an abbreviation for DOCSIS 1.0 1.0, an international telecommunications standard
  • D-1 (Sony), an early digital video recording format
  • STS-61-A, also known as D-1, the 22nd mission of NASA's Space Shuttle program
  • D-1, from the Proton (rocket family), Russian rockets
  • Mercedes D.I, a 1913 German aircraft engine


World War I fighter aircraft[edit]

Other uses in military[edit]


Locomotives and trams[edit]


Other uses in transportation[edit]


  • NCAA Division I, D-I, the highest division of American collegiate athletics
  • D1 Grand Prix, a production car drifting series from Japan
  • D1NZ, a production car drifting series in New Zealand

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