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= double shift key paradoxon = The '''double shift key paradoxon''' is an often found [[anomaly]] on modern [[computer keyboard]]s. ==Symptom== Press and hold both [[shift key]]s and type all letters. Some of them don't work. ===Examples=== missing keys: * [[HP Pavilion (computer)|HP Pavilion]] dv8000: T, Z, Y, X, C, V, M, ;, : * [[mitsumi]], kpq-e99zc-13: C, M, T, V, Y, Z ==Explanation== It could be possibly explained by the electrical [[Printed circuit board|circuit]]s of the keyboard, but this only very vague. This explanation doesn't tell why this happens on different keyboards from different vendors and with different keys. There must be some common reason. {{computer-stub}} [[Category:Hardware_bugs]]