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I enjoy viewing Wikipedia for much information, and I try to contibute as much as I can. I personally give my thanks to the creators of Wikipedia and anyone who has contributed to it.

My real name is Zebulun Benbrook, and I reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I attend Classen SAS. I will graduate in 2009. I have been a Wikipedian since April 22nd, 2005, which means I have been a Wikipedian for over two years. I have over 500 Wikipedia Edits. I am not very active during the school year, due to school work, but during breaks I am usually more active.

Major Accomplishments[edit]

Created Tato before I had an account. I then went on to create an account and created Imperial Inner Circle. Over the course of my Wikipedia career, I've made minor edits here and there, but some of my major edits were New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets and Drew Bledsoe.

I have recently created an article for Lancelot Braithwaite.

Major Events I've Updated[edit]

Champ Baileys second longest interception in the playoffs, also the longest without a touchdown.

The 2006 Indianapolis 500, updating Sam Hornish Jr. and Indianapolis 500 year by year.

The results of the 2007 NBA Draft Lottery.

Current Projects[edit]

I am always working on National Basketball Association and National Football League articles, and am part of Wikipedia:WikiProject National Basketball Association, and Wikipedia:WikiProject National Football League.

The page that is currently at the top of my priority list is Eduardo Najera.

Important Dates[edit]

March 5th is my Birthday.

April 22nd is my Wikiversary.

My Sports Teams[edit]

Golden State Warriors

Dallas Cowboys (Or, More Specifically, Drew Bledsoe.)

New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets

Toronto Blue Jays

Detroit Red Wings

Chicago Rush

Oklahoma Sooners